Thursday, December 29, 2011


Short funky hairstyles are bold and very high maintenance and frequently color rich. Short funky hairstyles require hair salons and hair stylist that are on the cutting edge.

short choppy hairstyles are not for timid or conservative in their fashion and style preferences. Funky short hairstyles need hair salons and hair stylist but these hair salons and stylists are difficult to find and expensive also. The simplest test to know whether funky hairstyle is right for you is your passion to make a statement with your hair and clothing. 

If you feel the slightest hesitation, you should probably pass on one of these hairstyles. If on the other hand you find these hairstyles are exactly your cup of tea, we are sure that you will find something to your liking in our funky hairstyles. For more please see Hairstyles 2012.

A short funky hairstyle with randomly yet artfully arranged curls, fine braids, markedly variable lengths and huge bangs or fringes over the forehead almost covering one eye is common but funky hairstyles do not suit on everyone so be confident while making this style and must be bold in overall persona. 

Short funky hairstyles look sleek and sophisticated depending on your mood and occasion. Funky short hairstyles and short formal hairstyles are easy to create if you use right products and techniques. Use these tips to make your short funky hairstyles:

1-Prepare your damp hairs with root lifting product. Apply this product through out your hairs and use fingers to make sure that this product is distributed evenly.

2-Use a dryer with nozzle to blow dries your hairs. Hold the dryer underneath your hair or flip your head over to give your hair some movement. Rather than a brush or comb, use your hands to push your hair in different directions while you dry it.

3-Turn your flat iron on and heat it before use.

4-Clamp the iron over the tips of your hair to give it more of a straight finish.

5- Put a nickel size amount of styling paste at the palm of your hands.

6-Add a few drops of hairstyling serum to the paste at your palm and rub your hands to mix them.

7- Work this product mixture through the ends of your hair. Doing so will allow your hair to be more pliable in its final look.

8- Look in the mirror and notice the shape that your hairstyle is taking. Determine whether you want to flat iron more pieces outward, under or straight.